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Step One: Identifying Your Options

The first step in your Medicare journey is to meet with an agent to discuss your options. Meeting with an agent will help you understand the different plans available to you and their coverage and costs. From determining your eligibility to identifying coverage gaps, we provide valuable guidance in finding the best plan for your health needs. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with Lee Van Williams. In-home or virtual appointments are available.

Step Two: Selecting Coverage and Enrolling

You’ve consulted with an agent, compared your options, and are now ready to select your Medicare coverage. During this step, Lee Van Williams will assist you in navigating the enrollment process. Whether you’re enrolling in a traditional Medicare plan or another type of plan like Medicare Supplement, we ensure you’re fully informed and confident in your decision.

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Step Three: Ongoing Support and Assistance

From this point forward, we will continue to provide ongoing support and assistance with your Medicare coverage. If you have questions about your plan, are looking for benefit comparisons, need help with future enrollments, or want to change your existing coverage, Lee Van Williams is here to help.

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